Programming By Track

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Art, Time and Space - Oneta Cole

Can The Classical Fine Artist Still Make it in the Digital World? - Oneta Cole, Zan Oliver

Optimizing Sales at Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions - Oneta Cole

Art Critique and Q and A with Oneta

Demonstration...Original small wood panel painting in oil and acrylic - Oneta Cole

Creating Digital Art - Zan Oliver



What's Up, DC? - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Dreux Blalock

Superman, Brightburn and The Boys: Nature or Nurture? - Raymond Boudreau, Rob Cerio and Charles Gramlich



Costume Contest

Nerd Jeopardy - Raphael Mariano

Geek Spelling Bee - Raphael Mariano

Khaaaaaan-test - Adam Rivas

Charles N Brown Memorial Hawaiian Shirt Contest - Jessica Styons



Kit Bashing and Found Object Model Making - Darkwater FX

Mold Making & Casting - Blue Knight Cosplay

Cosplay All The Things - Blue Knight Cosplay

Casual Cosplay Fashion - Lucy Ferry, Alex Cannon and Martha Cade

Steampunk Fashion on a Budget - Jacob Perin

Video Game Cosplay: Defying Physics - Little Red Fox

How to Shoot a Cosplayer - Little Red Fox

Cosplay After Dark (18+) - Little Red Fox, Blue Knight Cosplay and Zombie Fishie Cosplay

Love Your Cosplay Body - Little Red Fox, Zombie Fischie Cosplay



Christian Prayer Service - Raymond Boudreau

Ak'Voh Ceremony for Denzel Miracle - USS New Orleans (local chapter of the International Federation of Trekkers)

Tattoo Fandom - Alex Cannon

HMS Barbarossa Annual Awards Ceremony - Crew of the HMS Barbarossa (local chapter of the Royal Manticoran Navy)

The Future of Fandom - Lucy Ferry, Pam Hills and Adam Rivas

The Geek Dictionary, What's New? - Week In Geek, Lucy Ferry

Wheel of Shots - Adam Rivas

The Future of Cons, Big Box Gate Shows and Wristbands? - Frank Schiavo, Paul Petacek, Week in Geek, Owen Cotter

Steampunk 101 - Jacob Perin

Trending Technology and Tools Used by Geek Culture on the Digital Grid - Owen Cotter, Adam Rivas


Fan History:

NOSFA, The New Orleans Science Fiction Association - Ann Neagle, Dean Sweatman

The Companions of Doctor Who - Paul Petacek, Rebecca Smith, Donna Franklin

SOB2 and Event One - Gus Michel, Harrison Jones

LSUSFFA, The LSU Science Fiction and Fantasy Association - Rebecca Smith, Jessica Styons, Robert Collins



Performative Narrative: Video Games and Creating Your Own Mythology - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Randall Fredrick, Chris Genre

A Paladin, a Mage, and a Bard Walk into a Classroom... - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Randall Fredrick

DO NOT COME TO THIS PANEL!!! Things might get a little Wyrd... - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig



A History of Tea - including preparing tea for the guests to drink - Kimberly Richardson

Historical Firearms - David Liang, Tim Broome

Absinthe: Spirit of Liberty - Charles Becker



Staring Into the Abyss: The Psychological Gratification of Fear - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Thomas Parrie, Kurt Amacker, Charles Gramlich

What do I Read Next in Horror? - Kurt Amacker, Diana Rowland, Todd C Elliot

Mommy Issues in Horror - Lucy Ferry and Jessica Styons

Horror Movie Reboots, Why, God, Why? - Jessica Styons, Frank Schiavo, Alexander Brown, Todd C Elliot and Kurt Amacker

The Walking Dead; is Negan the Hero we Deserve? - Sherri Craig, Jessica Styons, Alexander Brown, Kurt Amacker and Todd C Elliot

Scream, Run, Fall Down: Horror Tropes That Drive us Crazy - Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Thomas Parrie, Kurt Amacker



The Devil We Love - Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Randall Fredrick, Thomas Parrie, Kurt Amacker

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series - Is it science fiction? Is it fantasy? Is it historical romance? - Chris Hayes, Ann Neagle, Kristie Provins, Michael Provins

It's a Mad World - Why We Love Madness in Fiction - Kimberly Richardson

The World of Erotica - Kimberly Richardson

What is Decadence and Why Do We Still Love It? - Kimberly Richardson and Ernest Russell

The Age of Lovecraft - Ernest Russell, Charles Gramlich and Jenna Pilley

Epic High Fantasy, What is Left to be Said? - Brian Anderson

The Art of Sci Fi Mystery - Catherine Asaro, Amy Herring

What Are You Reading Now? - Diana Rowland, Brian Anderson and Mark Verheiden

The Legacy of Robert E Howard - Charles Gramlich, Jeffrey Shanks

Sword and Planet Sci Fi, Does it Get a Bum Rap? - Jeffrey Shanks, Charles Gramlich

Is Pulp Fiction Dead? - Jeffrey Shanks, Charles Gramlich


Main Events:

Opening Ceremonies

Cocktail Party - Sponsored by Area 51

Charity Auction

Art Auction

Closing Ceremonies



Tropes - Good, Bad or Ugly - Rob Cerio and Ernest Russell

Dub Dynasty at the Movies - Ash Reese

Dub Dynasty as Seen on TV - Ash Reese

Acadian Avenue - Ash Reese

Star Wars and Psychology III: A New Hope?! - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Chris Genre

VO 101: How to Get Started in Voice Acting - Bonnie Gordon, Alexander Jeanneret

Adaptation - Mark Verheiden

Swamp Thing - Mark Verheiden

The Good, The Bad and The Occasionally Very Ugly; how the business of writing for tv really works - Mark Verheiden

The End of Supernatural; About Time or Long Overdue? - Lucy Ferry, Alex Cannon, Raymond Boudreau

Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie; Compare and Contrast - Raymond Boudreau, Frank Schiavo and Rebecca Smith

Binge Me Books: What Classic Sci Fi Books Should be Made Into a TV Series? - Mark Verheiden, Michael Scott, Alexander Brown, Rob Cerio, Diana Rowland

The State of Superhero Films - Dreux Blalock

Pop Culture in the Classroom - Sherri Craig, Randall Fredrick, Thomas Parrie, Chris Genre, Dr. Alexander Brickler

Dystopia and Society: Are we there yet? - Charles Becker



Ghost, Angel, Alien or Entity - Charlotte Pipes, Rob Cerio

Living in the Age of Disclosure - Charlotte Pipes



Concert - The Library Bards

Concert - Catherine Asaro



The Best Bets for Life in our Solar System - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

The Sky is Falling! Asteroids, Comets, and Space Debris - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

The Space Launch System - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

From the CSI Files - Diana Rowland

Transhumanism and the Law - Raymond Boudreau, Rob Cerio, Amy Herring, Catherine Asaro

Sex Toys of the Future - Amy Herring and Bryan Jones

From the Forensics Files (18+, explicit images of death) - Diana Rowland


Writing and Publishing:

Copyright Law, Licensed, Intellectual Property, and Fair Use - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Dr. Joe Burns, Randall Fredrick, Chris Genre

Turning an Idea into a Story with a Plot - Chris Hayes, Trisha Baker, Jeffrey Shanks, Christian Roule, Catherine Asaro, Diana Rowland

Writing Science Fiction with Real Science - Chris Hayes, Catherine Asaro, Amy Herring

How to Get Published - Chris Hayes, Brian Anderson, Trisha Baker, Rob Cerio, Diana Rowland

Creating Memorable Characters - Chris Hayes, Brian Anderson, Trisha Baker, Diana Rowland

Writing Dark Fantasy/Gothic - Kimberly Richardson

Balancing a Corporate Job with a Creative Life - Kimberly Richardson

Fandom Verse - Sherri Craig, Erica Welter, Patrick Gipson

Crime Writing: Protocol, Tactics and the Criminal Mind - Sherri Craig, Erica Welter, Patrick Gipson

World Building 101 - Brian Anderson

Main Events & Schedule

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  • Opening Ceremonies, 5-7pm, Event One
  • Opening Night Reception (with wine and cheese), 7-9pm, Art Show
  • Cocktail Party (Sponsored by Area 51), 9pm-12am, Event One


  • Charity Auction, 2-5pm, Event Two
  • Costume Contest, 6:30-8pm, Event One


  • Art Auction, 2-4pm, Event Two
  • Charles N Brown Memorial Hawaiian Shirt Contest, 4-5pm, Event One
  • Closing Ceremonies, 4-5pm, Event One

Art Show & Sale

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CONtraflow Art Show

Attention Artists,

Thank you for your interest in the CONtraflow IX Art Show and Sale. CONtraflow is a three-day, fan-run, general science fiction convention with a literary focus held annually in the New Orleans metro area dedicated to the genres of science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, and anime/manga.

The CONtraflow Art Show features three-dimensional and two-dimensional art in a variety of media within the themes of science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, or anime/manga. The show consists of artwork for viewing or purchase throughout the weekend and an auction on Sunday afternoon. We also provide space for a “Print Shop” to allow for sales of unframed or duplicates of hanging artwork.

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Cadet Lounge

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Stormtrooper and daughter

CONtraflow IX Cadet Lounge (Kid Central)

CONtraflow strives to provide fun for all ages. There are panels, parties, games, gaming, films and special events all weekend long-something for every taste and Fandom. However, our convention works hard to provide the next level in everything, so for our younger Fen we offer the galaxy of fun that is the Cadet Lounge.

There are many activities in the CONtraflow Cadet Lounge to keep children active and engaged.  The lounge is a place for having fun and being creative without competition or judgement.  There will be all sorts of crafting, puzzle activities, drawing and coloring, card and other kid friendly games such as Minion Trouble and Dominoes.  Our Cadets will be able to fill and decorate their own goody bag to take home.  All children under the age of 18 years old are welcome.  All preschoolers have to have a guardian with them.  A child must accompany adults.  One adult per child can stay in the cadet lounge if the child needs person-to-person attention; otherwise, it will be expected and encouraged that the guardians attend the other activities CONtraflow has to offer.  Keep in mind- while children will be able to come in and out of the cadet lounge freely even when a guardian drops them off, children will be encouraged to stay in the room and not wander around.

For more information, drop us an email care of Cadet Lounge at  


CONtraflow IX Cadet Lounge Hours

Friday 12:00 pm – until all children in the cadet lounge have left with their guardian; not later than 8:00 pm. 

Saturday 9:00 am – until all children in the cadet lounge have left with their guardian; not later than 8:00 pm. 

Sunday 9:00 am – until all children in the cadet lounge have left with their guardian; not later than 5:00 pm


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The CONTRAFLOW IX 24-Hour Game Room

CONtraflow IX Game Room staff has lined up some excellent game events and workshops for you– our regional gamers. We have everything from hands-on game tutorials for new and classic RPG’s, LARP’s, board and card games, to the super-sized and exciting card, role-playing, board and miniature tournaments you want to play. All the Big Easy gaming fun and the good stuff and all in one of the only large 24-hour game rooms in the Deep South!

To help make this happen, CONtraflow needs YOU! We are again looking for Game Masters who want to run events and tournaments at our convention this year. There is prize support and one of the largest game libraries in the south to help you get started- again, all we need is YOU!

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Costume Contest

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CONtraflow Costume Contest

Rules, Regulations, and Guidelines

It is very important that you read all the rules!

Costume Contest Event Staff Motto: For cosplayers, by cosplayers.

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