The CONTRAFLOW X 24-Hour Game Room

The CONtraflow X Game Room staff has lined up some excellent game events and workshops for you– our regional gamers. We have everything from hands-on game tutorials for new and classic RPG’s, LARP’s, board and card games, to the super-sized and exciting card, role-playing, board and miniature tournaments you want to play. All the Big Easy gaming fun and the good stuff and all in one of the only large 24-hour game rooms in the Deep South!

To help make this happen, CONtraflow needs YOU! We are again looking for Game Masters who want to run events and tournaments at our convention this year. There is prize support and one of the largest game libraries in the south to help you get started- again, all we need is YOU!

Here is how to get started: just download and fill in the Game Master form in the link below and email it back to us by the game room game-master preregistration deadline (September 15, 2022)- or drop us an email with the names of your events, short descriptions and what days would be best for you. We will work with you to promote your games, get you prize support if available and even help you with a discounted membership if you run enough game events.

CONtraflow beyond pleased to announce that our friends with CoastCon 45 Gaming (thanks, guys) are helping CONtraflow X sponsor the triumphant and much requested return at CONtraflow X of Gulf Coast Gaming Events. They feature one of the LARGEST game lending libraries in the South and include HUNDREDS of table-top strategy board and card games to learn/play from some of the largest publishers/companies in the business.  There is sure to be something for every age, skill set, and interest in this collection. Also, their staff will be hosting demo games ALL weekend long of classic and not even on the shelf yet games and... again, there will be plenty of games to learn, play, and even a few to WIN on site.

It is as simple as a dice roll, but do not wait to let us know- because our table space is limited. Best times and prize support goes quickly. Be sure when you email us about your games to let us know what you would like to run/host, what time you prefer [afternoons or mornings–Friday, Saturday or Sunday] and some contact information [name/email/telephone] and we will do what we can to help you make it happen. You can send that game master form to us at
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. You can also contact us via the CONtraflow Facebook page
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. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

CONtraflow X GM Game Reg Forms WORD
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