CONtraflow X

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CONtraflow X

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Literary Convention
with a New Orleans Flair

October 7-9, 2022

Kenner, Louisiana - New Orleans Airport Hilton

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CONtraflow Faithful, Friends, and Fen- with the recent Delta-Variant COVID-19 surge not yet peaking in our region and after working with/looking at all of our options with our host hotel and city/parish/state leadership, the board of directors of CONtraflow has come to the following conclusion. We must once again postpone/reschedule CONtraflow X. Pandemic conditions and restrictions, as they currently are and will be for the foreseeable future, make it next to impossible to host the convention in even a close approximation to what you all expect from a CONtraflow. Our only responsible, reasonable, and possible choice is to reschedule CONtraflow X.

I am sure most of you have questions about the rescheduled event. I will try to answer a few of the big ones.

The new date for CONtraflow X is October 7-9, 2022 and it will be at the Airport Hilton in Kenner, Louisiana.  We are currently working on guests and speakers for the new convention dates. We will have a first flier about the new dates up on social media for you to share in the next few days. We are planning to have a more detailed flier with guests and major events out there and online before the end of autumn 2021.  In addition, we will be updating the webpage with new information geared toward our new dates in the next few days.

If you have pre-registered for CONtraflow X, you do not have to do anything. You are still preregistered. On the other hand, we understand if under the circumstance you need/want a refund. For information about refunds, contact us at  You will have until October 15, 2021 to send us your refund request.

Similarly, dealers, vendors and artisans who have prepaid for tables/space do not have to do anything.  You have tables/space at CONtraflow X in 2022. If you cannot make the commitment for the new dates, we will be happy to refund your money. As with other memberships, the deadline is October 15, 2021 to request refunds for tables/space.  For those pre-paid dealer’s and artisans choosing not to request a refund, we will add an additional weekend membership (a value) to your total table/space purchase from CONtraflow as a thank you.  Dealers’ and artisans who have not yet prepaid but have requested/reserved tables or space for CONtraflow X we will put you down as an attending artisan/vendor and hold that reservation as before.  You can simply pre-pay in full sometime before September 1, 2022 to maintain the reservation.

Program book ad and convention sponsors- we will work with you on accommodations or refund options. Contact us at for the details.

If you have reserved a room with our host hotel for CONtraflow 2021, please contact them about cancelling your registration directly.  You can start with their web page link at Hilton New Orleans Airport Hotel.  Just scroll down and click on “Additional Hotel Policies”, look for CANCELLATION and follow the directions/links from there.  Let us know via the email if you have any problems.  We recommend you do not wait and cancel/reschedule your rooms ASAP to avoid any problems.

If you have more questions and concerns- please drop us an email at or message us through our Facebook page.

CONtraflow Faithful, thank you for patience. I know we can and will get through these extraordinary times together. I look forward to seeing you all at CONtraflow X in 2022.

Frank Schiavo, Chairman - CONtraflow X

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