CONtraflow Anti-Harrassment Policy

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CONtraflow is an opportunity for science fiction fans to get together with others who love the same things they do and have a good time.  Most of our members are not here to make others uncomfortable or feel unsafe.  However, not everyone thinks through the effect their actions may have on other people who may not see those actions the same way they do.  None of us are perfect, but we can all try to put ourselves in others' place as we go about the business of having fun.  In service of that goal, we have an explicit policy and process for dealing with harassment in the context of our rules both to help members feel comfortable when attending CONtraflow, and to help everyone understand what behavior is not considered acceptable.

CONtraflow's rules regarding courtesy toward other members include refraining from sexual and other forms of harassment.  Moreover, anything which is against the criminal laws of the United States, State of Louisiana or the ordinances of the Parish of Jefferson or the City of Kenner is also against the rules of CONtraflow.  If you believe you are the subject of unwanted touching or repeated unwanted attention, please contact staff or security.  The rules also prohibit abusive behavior directed against others regarding race, religion (or the lack thereof,) gender, national origin, or sexual orientation.

We will respond to complaints as soon as we are able and attempt to resolve the situation as quickly and as fairly as possible.  Complaints must be made in writing using the forms available at registration and the hospitality suite and submitted to a member of convention security, or to a member of convention staff (as opposed to a volunteer) identified as such by their badge.  CONtraflow will keep this contact and its resolution confidential.  Resolution may include the offender being banned from the convention.


If a complaint is made, a representative of CONtraflow will speak to both the person complaining and the person against whom the complaint is lodged, if the latter is willing, and then report to the Chair. The complainant will also be invited to lodge a complaint with the hotel (and shown the best way to do that,) and will also be invited to speak to the police if the complainant feels that is appropriate.

Anyone arrested or issued a summons for a misdemeanor for an act he or she committed at the convention will have his or her membership revoked.

Also, we have asked the hotel to report to us anyone they have expelled from the premises.  Anyone expelled by the hotel will have his or her membership revoked.

In the event someone against whom a complaint of harassment is lodged is not arrested or issued a summons by law enforcement or expelled by the hotel, CONtraflow may still act.  If we can substantiate a valid complaint, the person complained against may be asked to leave and his or her membership revoked.  In any case, the person complained against will be asked to stay away from the person complaining.  If that person approaches or talks to them after being asked to stay away, he or she may be asked to leave and his or her membership revoked.

If your membership is revoked for any of these reasons, your payment will be refunded on a pro-rata basis (Eg. if you have a weekend membership you purchased on Friday, and you are asked to leave on Saturday, we will refund the difference between what you paid and a Friday only membership.)