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Kathy Beauford

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Kathy Beauford

Kathy Beauford has been teaching aerospace education for 27 years as Louisiana's Director of External Aerospace Education for the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Civil Air Patrol. She has received 40 awards for aerospace education and 6 for general education. She has won the prestigious Holm Aerospace Educator of the Year Award, naming her as the # 1 aerospace educator in the nation. Her favorite award is from the scientists of SIGMA XI, the scientific research society, "for the teaching of science." She was thrilled to be recognized by scientists.

In the last 3 years, her extensive exhibits and presentations have reached over 8,000 attendees and her 184 articles have appeared in magazines, newspapers, and on the Internet. She is author of A Teacher's Companion to the Space Station: A Multi-disciplinary Resource which she wrote for Lockheed Martin Space Systems. The Companion was distributed internationally and is in its third printing. She has recently presented at the Civil Air Patrol Spaceflight Course at Kennedy Space Center.

Colonel Beauford uses the SARSAT satellite system as a Navigator for Air and Ground Search & Rescue with the US Air Force Auxiliary. She applied for Teacher in Space. Her saying is "America needs SPACE to GROW!"

Tom Trumpinski

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