Science Guests

Kathy Beauford

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Kathy Beauford - Science Guest

Kathy Beauford has been an aerospace educator for 19 years as Louisiana's Director of External Aerospace Education for the Civil Air Patrol and as a NASA Solar System Ambassador. She has received 61 awards for Aerospace Education and 7 for general education. She has won the 2014 Major General Jeanne Holm Aerospace Education Officer of the Year, naming her as #1 in the nation. She has won the prestigious National Frank Brewer Memorial Aerospace Award. Her favorite award is from the scientists of SIGMA XI, the research society, "for the teaching of science." In the last 4 years, her extensive exhibits and presentation have reached 30,352 attendees and her 285 articles have appeared in newspapers, magazines, and on the Internet. Her A Teacher's Companion to the Space Station: A Multi-disciplinary Resource has been distributed internationally.  NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the California Institute of Technology appointed Kathy to a NASA Solar System Ambassadorship, one of 530 in the nation.  Kathy continues to be a force in the promotion of aerospace education and the U.S. space program.

Colonel Beauford uses the SARSAT satellite system as a Navigator for Air & Ground Search & Rescue with the US Air Force Auxiliary.  She applied to be an astronaut for the Teacher in Space Program. Her saying is "America needs SPACE to GROW!"

Charlie Kaufman

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Charlie Kaufman – Science Guest

To paraphrase the great Groucho Marx, “Charlie was born at a very young age.” Charlie is a self-described science nerd and a sci-fi geek, never finding a dull scientific conference or a sci-fi convention.

Charlie attended some of the finest coastal schools in the Carolinas and has a background is in Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, and natural Hazard Preparedness.

Charlie has worked in extensively in environmental consulting (where he fed generations of mosquitoes while walking through swamps) and academia where he studied coastal erosion, and natural disaster impacts (he also managed to put Star Wars action figures into the upper atmospheres, run Godzilla damage estimates, Zombie outbreak models, and Sharknado predictions).  He currently works in emergency management where he helps the public prepare for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and other hazards.  Feel free to check out his Facebook page,
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He is happy to share some of his adventures with anyone who buys the first round of margaritas.