Programming By Track


Art, Time and Space - Oneta Cole

Can The Classical Fine Artist Still Make it in the Digital World? - Oneta Cole, Zan Oliver

Optimizing Sales at Science Fiction and Fantasy Conventions - Oneta Cole

Art Critique and Q and A with Oneta

Demonstration...Original small wood panel painting in oil and acrylic - Oneta Cole

Creating Digital Art - Zan Oliver



What's Up, DC? - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Dreux Blalock

Superman, Brightburn and The Boys: Nature or Nurture? - Raymond Boudreau, Rob Cerio and Charles Gramlich



Costume Contest

Nerd Jeopardy - Raphael Mariano

Geek Spelling Bee - Raphael Mariano

Khaaaaaan-test - Adam Rivas

Charles N Brown Memorial Hawaiian Shirt Contest - Jessica Styons



Kit Bashing and Found Object Model Making - Darkwater FX

Mold Making & Casting - Blue Knight Cosplay

Cosplay All The Things - Blue Knight Cosplay

Casual Cosplay Fashion - Lucy Ferry, Alex Cannon and Martha Cade

Steampunk Fashion on a Budget - Jacob Perin

Video Game Cosplay: Defying Physics - Little Red Fox

How to Shoot a Cosplayer - Little Red Fox

Cosplay After Dark (18+) - Little Red Fox, Blue Knight Cosplay and Zombie Fishie Cosplay

Love Your Cosplay Body - Little Red Fox, Zombie Fischie Cosplay



Christian Prayer Service - Raymond Boudreau

Ak'Voh Ceremony for Denzel Miracle - USS New Orleans (local chapter of the International Federation of Trekkers)

Tattoo Fandom - Alex Cannon

HMS Barbarossa Annual Awards Ceremony - Crew of the HMS Barbarossa (local chapter of the Royal Manticoran Navy)

The Future of Fandom - Lucy Ferry, Pam Hills and Adam Rivas

The Geek Dictionary, What's New? - Week In Geek, Lucy Ferry

Wheel of Shots - Adam Rivas

The Future of Cons, Big Box Gate Shows and Wristbands? - Frank Schiavo, Paul Petacek, Week in Geek, Owen Cotter

Steampunk 101 - Jacob Perin

Trending Technology and Tools Used by Geek Culture on the Digital Grid - Owen Cotter, Adam Rivas


Fan History:

NOSFA, The New Orleans Science Fiction Association - Ann Neagle, Dean Sweatman

The Companions of Doctor Who - Paul Petacek, Rebecca Smith, Donna Franklin

SOB2 and Event One - Gus Michel, Harrison Jones

LSUSFFA, The LSU Science Fiction and Fantasy Association - Rebecca Smith, Jessica Styons, Robert Collins



Performative Narrative: Video Games and Creating Your Own Mythology - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Randall Fredrick, Chris Genre

A Paladin, a Mage, and a Bard Walk into a Classroom... - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Randall Fredrick

DO NOT COME TO THIS PANEL!!! Things might get a little Wyrd... - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig



A History of Tea - including preparing tea for the guests to drink - Kimberly Richardson

Historical Firearms - David Liang, Tim Broome

Absinthe: Spirit of Liberty - Charles Becker



Staring Into the Abyss: The Psychological Gratification of Fear - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Thomas Parrie, Kurt Amacker, Charles Gramlich

What do I Read Next in Horror? - Kurt Amacker, Diana Rowland, Todd C Elliot

Mommy Issues in Horror - Lucy Ferry and Jessica Styons

Horror Movie Reboots, Why, God, Why? - Jessica Styons, Frank Schiavo, Alexander Brown, Todd C Elliot and Kurt Amacker

The Walking Dead; is Negan the Hero we Deserve? - Sherri Craig, Jessica Styons, Alexander Brown, Kurt Amacker and Todd C Elliot

Scream, Run, Fall Down: Horror Tropes That Drive us Crazy - Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Thomas Parrie, Kurt Amacker



The Devil We Love - Sherri Craig, Patrick Gipson, Randall Fredrick, Thomas Parrie, Kurt Amacker

Diana Gabaldon's Outlander series - Is it science fiction? Is it fantasy? Is it historical romance? - Chris Hayes, Ann Neagle, Kristie Provins, Michael Provins

It's a Mad World - Why We Love Madness in Fiction - Kimberly Richardson

The World of Erotica - Kimberly Richardson

What is Decadence and Why Do We Still Love It? - Kimberly Richardson and Ernest Russell

The Age of Lovecraft - Ernest Russell, Charles Gramlich and Jenna Pilley

Epic High Fantasy, What is Left to be Said? - Brian Anderson

The Art of Sci Fi Mystery - Catherine Asaro, Amy Herring

What Are You Reading Now? - Diana Rowland, Brian Anderson and Mark Verheiden

The Legacy of Robert E Howard - Charles Gramlich, Jeffrey Shanks

Sword and Planet Sci Fi, Does it Get a Bum Rap? - Jeffrey Shanks, Charles Gramlich

Is Pulp Fiction Dead? - Jeffrey Shanks, Charles Gramlich


Main Events:

Opening Ceremonies

Cocktail Party - Sponsored by Area 51

Charity Auction

Art Auction

Closing Ceremonies



Tropes - Good, Bad or Ugly - Rob Cerio and Ernest Russell

Dub Dynasty at the Movies - Ash Reese

Dub Dynasty as Seen on TV - Ash Reese

Acadian Avenue - Ash Reese

Star Wars and Psychology III: A New Hope?! - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Chris Genre

VO 101: How to Get Started in Voice Acting - Bonnie Gordon, Alexander Jeanneret

Adaptation - Mark Verheiden

Swamp Thing - Mark Verheiden

The Good, The Bad and The Occasionally Very Ugly; how the business of writing for tv really works - Mark Verheiden

The End of Supernatural; About Time or Long Overdue? - Lucy Ferry, Alex Cannon, Raymond Boudreau

Bewitched and I Dream of Jeannie; Compare and Contrast - Raymond Boudreau, Frank Schiavo and Rebecca Smith

Binge Me Books: What Classic Sci Fi Books Should be Made Into a TV Series? - Mark Verheiden, Michael Scott, Alexander Brown, Rob Cerio, Diana Rowland

The State of Superhero Films - Dreux Blalock

Pop Culture in the Classroom - Sherri Craig, Randall Fredrick, Thomas Parrie, Chris Genre, Dr. Alexander Brickler

Dystopia and Society: Are we there yet? - Charles Becker



Ghost, Angel, Alien or Entity - Charlotte Pipes, Rob Cerio

Living in the Age of Disclosure - Charlotte Pipes



Concert - The Library Bards

Concert - Catherine Asaro



The Best Bets for Life in our Solar System - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

The Sky is Falling! Asteroids, Comets, and Space Debris - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

50th Anniversary of the Apollo Moon Landing - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

The Space Launch System - Kathy Beauford and Michael Scott

From the CSI Files - Diana Rowland

Transhumanism and the Law - Raymond Boudreau, Rob Cerio, Amy Herring, Catherine Asaro

Sex Toys of the Future - Amy Herring and Bryan Jones

From the Forensics Files (18+, explicit images of death) - Diana Rowland


Writing and Publishing:

Copyright Law, Licensed, Intellectual Property, and Fair Use - Jessie Craig, Sherri Craig, Dr. Joe Burns, Randall Fredrick, Chris Genre

Turning an Idea into a Story with a Plot - Chris Hayes, Trisha Baker, Jeffrey Shanks, Christian Roule, Catherine Asaro, Diana Rowland

Writing Science Fiction with Real Science - Chris Hayes, Catherine Asaro, Amy Herring

How to Get Published - Chris Hayes, Brian Anderson, Trisha Baker, Rob Cerio, Diana Rowland

Creating Memorable Characters - Chris Hayes, Brian Anderson, Trisha Baker, Diana Rowland

Writing Dark Fantasy/Gothic - Kimberly Richardson

Balancing a Corporate Job with a Creative Life - Kimberly Richardson

Fandom Verse - Sherri Craig, Erica Welter, Patrick Gipson

Crime Writing: Protocol, Tactics and the Criminal Mind - Sherri Craig, Erica Welter, Patrick Gipson

World Building 101 - Brian Anderson