Phillip C. Washington

photo of Phillip C. Washington

Phillip C. Washington is a talented and experienced filmmaker.  He attended Hinds Community college, where he studied film.  From that point on he had been on sets like: "The Help", "Get On Up", "I Killed My Bff", "Speech & Debate", "Atone", and "Soul Damage".  He has also worked on the reality show "Bring It" featuring the Dancing Dolls, filmed right in Jackson, MS.  He has acted in numorous short films and feature length films.  Today, Phillip is still in Ridgeland, MS working on edits, VFX, and also writing and directing his own sci-fi webseries "Alphaville".  These tasks could not be complete without the hard working production companies, Phoenix Rising and Morden Amusement, and his business partner Kat Axtell (whom is equally experienced and talented).