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Kurt Amacker - Comics Guest

Kurt Amacker is a comic book writer and publisher living in New Orleans.  Born and raised there (intermittently), he moved periodically as a military brat and, later, as a United States Marine.  He emerged from DJ'ing in the French Quarter's raucous Goth scene with his first comic book in 2008.  Published by Seraphemera Books, Dead Souls was publicly praised by Alan Moore (Watchmen) and Cradle of Filth singer Dani Filth.

Amacker has continued writing comics since then.  And in 2011, he began co-producing the yearly Fangtasia Vampire Ball with Jyrki 69 of the Finnish "goth n' rollers" the 69 Eyes.  Their association led to a three-issue comic miniseries co-written by Amacker, entitled Helsinki Vampires.  In early 2013, Amacker began working on a graphic novel for Cradle of Filth entitled The Curse of Venus Aversa.  By the end of the 2013, Amacker had created his own publishing company, Dark Notes Press, to handle the project and others than would follow.  Released in the Spring of this year, Venus Aversa was an immediate critical and financial success.  Amacker is currently working on his first novel, tentatively titled Blood in the Streets, for release next year.  This is his fourth CONtraflow.

More information about Amacker and his work is available at www.kurtamacker.com
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