Kimberly Daniels

Kimberly Daniels - Author Guest

Kim Daniels is a recovering (and currently relapsing) academic, who teaches English Composition and Literature at the University of South Alabama. She'll never truly recover, but regularly attends meetings for her condition. In the meantime, she writes Science Fiction (Genre fiction! Oh, My!) and consumes copious amounts of coffee and whiskey (not necessarily together or in that order). When she's not busy writing, much like a cat, she enjoys napping, running suddenly into a randomly selected room, and plotting the destruction of mankind. She exhibits a curious interest in robots, leading to the widespread rumor that she may, in fact, be one herself.

Her current projects include the third installment of the Valkyrie Trilogy and various short stories. Her first novel, The Valkyrie Profiles, was a quarter finalist for Amazon's Breakthrough Novel Award in 2013 and the second novel, Flight of the Valkyries debuted in May of 2014 to much fanfare (read: she threw confetti at herself). She also has a prequel short story in the Valkyrie Trilogy, “Children of Ymir” that is a Kindle exclusive and another story in Lunar's Children: Stranger Worlds anthology by Dark Oak Press titled “Chimera” Daniels is repped by Laura Wood at Fine Print Literary Management.