Ernest Russell

Ernest Russell – Author Guest

Ernest Russell has written for Pro Se Productions, Beyond the Threshold Studios, and Violet Windows. Some of Ernest’s favorite things (besides coffee) are Science Fiction, Horror, Steampunk, and Fantasy.  Ernest’s writing has been influenced by Vincent Price, Jules Verne, and H.P. Lovecraft.

When he’s not writing, Ernest has plenty of hobbies to keep him out of trouble. These include an eclectic set of hobby skills ranging from electronics to leatherworking. With all that, you can probably guess he is an avid table-top and board games player. He still tries to get in some RPG’s (preferably GURPS, D&D, or Call of Cthulhu) whenever possible, but will take what he can get.

Ernest’s first published piece was “Birds of a Feather” in Monster Mayhem: An Anthology of Monstrous Proportions, a product of Beyond the Threshold Studios.

At Pro Se Productions, his first piece was “Daily Options”, found in When the Shadow Sees the Sun: Creatives Surviving Depression. Since then, Ernest has several short stories and his debut novel coming out with Pro Se Productions scheduled for 2018-2019.

Recently Ernest has joined the staff at Pro Se as contributing submissions editor and, as time allows, content and copy editor.

Over the last year, several of his pieces have appeared in volumes of the literary journal Violet Windows, a great journal edited and produced by author/entrepreneur Kimberly B. Richardson.

In his copious amounts of spare time, he has managed the FB page for The Week in Geek 99.5 WRNO Talk radio and still contributes to this great show, a radio show dedicated to all things geek.


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