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Blue Knight Cosplay - Cosplay Guest

Blue Knight Cosplay is a skilled cosplayer, art teacher, and artist that currently hails from Fort Walton Beach, FL. She has been costuming regularly for about 15 years, and sewing for way longer than she cares to admit. Blue Knight enjoys working with a wide variety of materials including clay, resin, Worbla, wood, fabric, and much more. Her passion for learning new skills and her attention to detail has won her countless craftsmanship awards across the Southeast. Inspiration for Blue Knight’s costumes often comes from her favorite video games, shows, movies, and whatever she can dream up.

In addition to her costumes, Blue Knight also owns her own business, Blue Knight Props. Blue Knight Props specializes in hand-sculpted, cast costuming products. Blue Knight Props offers a large variety of handmade resin cast costuming products; from ears and horns to medallions, embellishments, and much more. She also sells ready-to-wear handmade headdresses, headbands, and props. She currently maintains a shop on Etsy, travels to vend at cons, and takes custom commissions.

When she isn’t making costumes, working on things for her shop, or teaching art she can be found playing World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Blue Knight also enjoys traveling and sharing her love for costuming with fellow fans.
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