Charlie Kaufman

Charlie Kaufman – Science Guest

To paraphrase the great Groucho Marx, “Charlie was born at a very young age.” Charlie is a self-described science nerd and a sci-fi geek, never finding a dull scientific conference or a sci-fi convention.

Charlie attended some of the finest coastal schools in the Carolinas and has a background is in Marine Biology, Environmental Studies, and natural Hazard Preparedness.

Charlie has worked in extensively in environmental consulting (where he fed generations of mosquitoes while walking through swamps) and academia where he studied coastal erosion, and natural disaster impacts (he also managed to put Star Wars action figures into the upper atmospheres, run Godzilla damage estimates, Zombie outbreak models, and Sharknado predictions).  He currently works in emergency management where he helps the public prepare for Earthquakes, Hurricanes, and other hazards.  Feel free to check out his Facebook page,
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He is happy to share some of his adventures with anyone who buys the first round of margaritas.