Charles Gramlich

Charles Gramlich - Author Guest

Charles Gramlich lives amid the piney woods of southern Louisiana and is the author of the Talera fantasy series, the SF novel Under the Ember Star, and the anthologies, Bitter Steel, (fantasy), Midnight in Rosary (Vampires/Werewolves), and In the Language of Scorpions (Horror). Charles also writes westerns under the name Tyler Boone, and has been writing for several of the A. W. Hart series from Wolfpack Publishing, including “The Avenging Angels” and “The Ranger.”

Outside of novels, Charles’s stories and poetry have been published in such magazines as Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, Skelos, Star*Line, The Horror Zine, Beat to a Pulp, Dreams and Nightmares, and Pedestal Magazine. His work is available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Wildside Press, Sundown Press, and Wolfpack Publishing. He has recently welcomed a wonderful grandson names Silas into the family.