Charles Gramlich

Charles Gramlich - Author Guest

Charles Allen Gramlich grew up on an Arkansas farm but later moved to New Orleans to teach psychology at a local university. He’s since sold several novels and numerous short stories and poems. His first novel was Cold in the Light, a horror/thriller about monsters running wild in the Ozark Mountains.  He followed that with a fantasy trilogy set on the artificially constructed world of Talera. Many readers say the Talera series has some of the same feel as the work of Edgar Rice Burroughs and Robert E. Howard. Charles’s short fiction has been collected in three anthologies, Bitter Steel (heroic fantasy), Midnight in Rosary (vampires and werewolves), and In the Language of Scorpions (horror). He has a nonfiction book on writing out called Write With Fire. His latest work is Under the Ember Star, a space opera in the tradition of Leigh Brackett and C. L. Moore.

Charles has also self-published a few collections for Kindle and Nook, including a western collection (Killing Trail), a noir collection (Harmland), and a humorous memoir called Days of Beer, as well as a few other items. Charles’s print and ebooks are available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Wildside Press, as well as other online sites. Charles lives in Abita Springs with his wife, a nature photographer. He is on facebook as Charles Gramlich, and blogs at
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