Artist and Media Guests

Joe Badon

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Joe Badon - Media/Artist Guest

Joe Badon is a freelance comic book artist. He resides with his wife and two kids in Slidell, Louisiana. He has been working as a full time freelance illustrator since 2009. He has worked on projects for, Sore Thumb Press, Red Moon Comics, Candy or Medicine Comix, Flying Tiger Comics, Silber Media, Red Leaf Comics, Vein Armor Publishing, Amish Drive-by Presents, and on many other commercial and private commissions. He is always available for commission work.

Jessie W. Craig

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Jessie Craig - Comics Guest

Jessie is a native of Ponchatoula, Louisiana. After exploring various career paths ranging from state licensed private investigator to classically trained Cordon Bleu chef, he decided to concentrate on his life-long love of art and comics. In 2011, he started Charisma Kills Studios
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to serve as the brand for his various artistic endeavors. His first project was the webcomic, Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms. It was followed by the webcomics Apocalypse Pizza and C.O.G.Comics, a webcomic based on New Orleans’ own musical mad scientists, the Consortium of Genius.

After taking an interest in transmedia story telling, he enrolled in the new media and animation program at Southeastern Louisiana University to learn the skills needed to incorporate multimedia projects into his works. In 2015, he published his first printed comic, Kenshin 1281 which tells the story of a fictitious Samurai’s fight for honor during the historic Mongolian invasions of Japan. The second, Parasomnia, is an experimental comic using digital collage to create an abstracted visual narrative with no words. It was accompanied by a brief animation adaptation which featured music by the C.O.G.

His other notable works are the October 20th audio drama “Who is Shields McKloskey?” written by Marius Hjelseth, and various collaborative works with indy and web comic creators such as Velvet Rasputin and Abby Comics. He has also worked as a freelance inker for the STEM based Podpi comic, and an art director for Abby Comics.

His art and comics have been exhibited at the Olde New Orleans Rum Distillery and The Southeastern Contemporary Art Gallery, as well as An Evening of Animation at St. MaryMayJaks and the TXT & IMG exhibit at the Antenna Gallery. He’s attended numerous local conventions and done program covers and t-shirt art at these events, as well.

He is currently a freelance artist, but his main focus is writing, doing artwork, and refining the system for his Wyrd RPG. He is also writing Cyborg Fairy Princess Vice Cop, a webcomic drawn by CKS studios artist Matt Collum, as well as working on print adaptions of both Apocalypse Pizza and Sweet Dreams are Made of Worms.

Geretta Geretta

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Geretta Geretta - Media Guest

Actress, Writer and Director: 'Geretta Geretta' most known for Shocking Dark, Demons, Rats, MurderRock has worked with some of the most acclaimed directors of Italian sci fi and horror ; Dario Argento, Lamberto Bava, Lucio Fulci ... Geretta has many stories of her early exploits in Rome and enjoys sharing them with her friends and fans.

Amanda Makepeace

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Amanda Makepeace - Artist Guest of Honor

Amanda Makepeace is an award-winning artist whose work has appeared on the covers of both fiction and nonfiction books, in several ENnie award-winning games, and in genre magazines like Amazing Stories and Fireside Fiction. Through her art, she explores mythology, magical beings, our connection to the planet, and even distant worlds. She works in both digital and traditional mediums, sometimes combining the two. Her illustrations won a Chesley Award in both 2019 and 2020 for best Paperback Cover Illustration.

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Robby Musso

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Robby Musso - Media Guest

Robby Musso is a professional artist with a lifelong passion for comics, toys, animation, and giant robots. He is best known for his work on popular comic titles such as Transformers and Speed Racer for IDW Publishing and Fun Publications. In addition to drawing comics and sequential art, he has also worked officially with Hasbro Toys, providing pre-production art for several of their flagship toy lines including Transformers, G.I. Joe, and Star Wars.

Robby’s enthusiasm for the mech/robot genre has also been the inspiration for many of his personal original fan creations, most notably his own Transformers fan character “ex” as well as the Speed Racer-inspired variable racing machines “Mech-5ʺand the “Cyber-Star”

John Slade

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John Slade - Media/Artist Guest

John Slade was born in 1957 and like all children he loved animated cartoons. John enjoyed them so much he could identify which actual studio produced them. He fell into the Super 8 form of film-making as a teenager, producing animated and live action movies. After graduating from University Of New Orleans In 1981, he went into journalism and became an award winning political cartoonist as well as a published author. In the past decade John created the Afro Brother Spacemen comic book, and has with the aid of a crack film crew created and produced a cartoon short about the adventurous characters. With a career spanning over thirty-five years, John Slade has created political cartoons for the old Spectator News Journal, the Louisiana Weekly, the New Orleans Tribune, and has been featured in USA Today. Right now he can be seen on Cox Cable Orleans Wednesdays at 6:30am/pm on Ch76 as the host of Political Cartoons by John Slade.

In the past decade Slade has moved into making his own comic book series entitled Afro Brother Spacemen, which has recently been turned into a giant omnibus. The Afro Brother Spacemen characters are currently animated as well. He was also on Showtime In The Afternoon, with his co-host the late Paul Beaulieu on WBOK1230am for over a decade. John Slade’s political cartoons can be found today on the website. His animated film, “Afro Brother Spacemen In The Day The Earth Stood Stupid,” won best animated picture at the Hollywood Florida Film Festival.