Hope Bridger

Hope Bridger - Author Guest

Hope Bridger’s rapier wit was forged in her formative years, a la Wednesday Addams, but she honed those snarky skills at second home with lots to feast upon while writing sarcastic and biting recaps of Bravo!TV shows for sites TVGasm (Bunim/Murray Productions) and then TrashTalkTV, using a nom de plume to protect her young children from embarrassment...well, any more embarrassment. During that time, Hope also wrote a very cathartic blog using a nom de plume that allowed her to freely and without fear, open herself to the world in her blog, to deal with all of the loss of Katrina.  It touched many with her soulful prose. Currently, Hope is freelancing as an editor and comedic writer, while also working on her series of very young reader books about the antics of her two English Bull Terriers.

Hope lives in the center of New Orleans and in New York, New York with her husband. They will soon be moving to Phoenix, Arizona; near one of her sons. The other lives in the upper northwest, but she embarrasses both equally. By popular demand, she is starting a new book about the long, strange ride that has been her life.