HC Playa

HC Playa – Author Guest

HC Playa is a writer, a mad scientist (Medicinal Chemist by degree and Molecular Biologist by practice), a mother, and an animal wrangler. She began reading at the precocious age of four, partly due to the fact her father liked to change how the story went and it drove her nuts, which of course was the whole point. While other children bemoaned summer reading lists, she went home with stacks of books, spending hours in Captain Nemo's submarine 20,000 leagues under the sea, following Holmes on an adventure, or crying "All for one, and one for all!" with the Three Musketeers.

Many writers start off with short stories or flash fiction and work up to novels, but HC Playa didn't know that. Late one night, while suffering from the effects of sleep deprivation that all new parents know well, a rambling conversation with her sister about fiction turned into, "If you can't find that type of story, maybe you should write it." Of course, her sister didn't expect her to take the advice seriously, but six months later the first draft of "Daughter of Destiny" was finished. She then spent five years tearing it apart and putting it back together as she learned the craft of writing and started the manuscripts of four other novels, all of which have since been published.

She adores all things fiction, but science fiction and fantasy have long held a special place in her heart. She particularly enjoys blending genres, but has also dabbled in romance, mysteries, dark fiction and horror. Her series Crossroads of Fate, published by ProSe Productions, is a wild adventure where science and magic collide, aliens and faeries wage war, and humanity is caught in the middle. She has several short stories published through ProSe Productions and other publishers, with more on the way.