Special Events Schedule


Opening Ceremonies, Meet the Guests – 5pm, Event One

Art Galley Opening, Meet the Artists – 7:30pm, Art Gallery

Tay and Jay – 7:30pm, Event One

New Orleans Worst Film Festival – 8pm, Joey Grillot Memorial Film Room

The Friday Night Cocktail Party sponsored by New Belgium Brewery and CoastCon 40 – 8:30pm, Event Two

Jim Hodgson’s Nerd Open Mic Night – 10pm, Event One



Hearts Tournament – 1pm, Hospitality Suite

Charity Auction – 1pm, Event Two

Awards Ceremony – 5pm, Event Two

Costume Contest – 7pm, Event One

Sweet Familiar Concert – 9pm, Event One

Entourage – 10pm, Event Two



Baen Traveling Road Show – 12pm, Event Two

Tay and Jay Concert – 1pm, Event One

Art Auction- 2:30pm, Event Two

Hawaiian Shirt Contest – 4pm, Event Two

Closing Ceremonies – 5pm, Event One