Dark Water FX (Jesse Shoemaker and Chad Besse)

photo of Jesse Shoemaker

Jesse Shoemaker is a partner in Dark Water FX with Chad Besse, a creature design and prop building shop specializing in fabricating and building props from across the Multiverse.

Dark Water FX:

The Brains

Jesse was born and raised in the land of pirates an fairies. i.e. New Orleans. Growing up a little stranger then most, he quickly found a knack for making bruises and horrific burns out of whatever he could find. As a young adult he traveled the world, i.e. South east US. To learn as much as he could an perfect his craft. Here he stands today stranger then ever creating some of the strangest things imaginable, ‘ but he’ s a FX artist, and prop builder so it really doesn’ t matter”for all the worlds enjoyment ‘ along with yours’ .

The Brawn

Chad is a self-taught special effects artist specializing in sculpting, mold making and fabrication. He started in the field in 2012 and is loving every minute of it. Chad has made everything from fake body parts to foam and silicon prosthetic’s for haunted attractions and film. Chad looks forward to what his future in the FX industry has in store and where it will take him.