Art Show

Thank you for your interest in the CONtraflow VI Art Show and Auction.

CONtraflow is a three-day, fan run, general science fiction convention with a literary focus held annually in the New Orleans metro area. It is dedicated to the genres of science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, and anime/manga. The CONtraflow Art Show will feature both three-dimensional and two-dimensional art in a variety of media within the themes of science fiction, fantasy, comics, gaming, or anime/manga.

The show will consist of art work for viewing or purchase throughout the weekend and an auction on Sunday afternoon. We will also provide space for a “Print Shop” to allow for sales of unframed or duplicates of hanging art work. We also offer artist alley tables for artists attending CONtraflow VI.

If you are interested in purchasing an artist alley table, please contact us as soon as possible.


There is still time to enter the CONtraFlow VI art show! Click on the link below for the newest packet!

Art packet 2016